Friday, 11 August 2017

Odds and Bits.....

  Odds and Bits..

                This new kit is put together with a bit of allsorts
                          hence the title;Odds and Bits.
                     I have done this one to mix and match with other kits 
                  Of mine and other kits in your own stash.                                   
            you have in your own stashes.the kit is in cap/2 pack file. 
                and also in PNG zip for use anywhere.
                               130,  Embellishment
                                       4 Frames,
                                         6 pcs Wordart.

                                                             1 TOU.

The link below is for the PNG zip file which can be used anywhere.


The link below is for the CAP/2 Pack file for craft artist.

                Not all Shown

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