Monday, 27 March 2017

Thinking of the Days..

                                                Thinking of the Days..

A new kit for you to play with.It,s a thinking kit with
children deep in thought and lots of animals too.
All items are drawn and painted by me and have 
no copyright issues with any of them.I have not put a tou in this kit as You all know by now what you can do,Anything can be used and enjoyed for your ,cards and pages for charity use etc .The kit should mix nicely with many of my others so you can mix and match away.Everything is done in 300 DPI so for printing your cards you will get a good result.
Hope you enjoy .

The link below is for a PNG file format which you can use anywhere.

The link below is for your cap/2 pack file format.

Thinking of the Days.

 Pages below are the items you will get in the kit..


  1. Thank you very much for all the lovely elements!

  2. How awesome !!! Thank you very much indeed.
    IKE in Greece xxxx

  3. That's great, thank you very much for sharing