Friday, 14 June 2013

Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright.
A kit to brighten up a gloomy day,mainly reds and greens 
which will mix and match with each other,
 and also any of your other kits .All items are put together
by myself from my own photos ,drawings and free use items.
All permissions and thanks are in my TOU, but if anyone 
thinks I have forgotten them ,let me know and will put it 
right.The items included are ;
57, Embellishments

The link below is for the CAP1/2 Pack file format ,
for use in Craft Artist;

The link Below is A PNG zip file and can be used anywhere.

Hope you Enjoy.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Work and Pray

Work and Pray

This is my new kit with a take on romans and workers of the fields.
there are loads of embellisments and some different back grounds
to melt into the papers to give lots of fab effects .You can also use
for doing Sundays pages or memorium pages. All items are 
from my own stock and all permissions and thanks are in my Tou.
If I have forgotten anyone let me know and I will put it right.
The items to play with are,

31,small background  patches.

The link below is for Craft Artist 1/2 and is in a pack file format.

                                 The link below is a PNG zip file and can be used anywhere.