Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Watch The Birdie

Watch The Birdie.
Watch The Birdie is my new kit with lots of birds and lots of wooden 
perches to sit on.The papers are backgrounds to make an easy card 
or can be used to get some great effects by playing with them and changing colours.
Ther are also lots of concrete pots,animals etc which tie in with the wood .All items are
done with full permission,or are my own photos and items,all thanks are in my TOU
in the kit.Please enjoy and will mix well with my last two kits also.
The items in the kit are;
3, Spray Brushes.

The link below if for CAP1/2 and is in pack file format for craft artist1/2.

The link below is a PNG zip file which can be used anywhere

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wooden It Be Nice

Wooden It be Nice is a new kit for you to play with.
All items are either photographed or made by me ,other 
bits are from sites that are all thanked in my TOU,and 
my permissions to use are also there.There are some nice 
animals in this and figures obtained from graphic fairy
thanks for them,items included are;              
75, Embellishments
3, frames
hope you enjoy.
The link Below is for CAP1/2 pack file format.

the link below is for a PNG file that can be used anywhere.

the page above is done with some of the animals 
more are in the kit .

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Country Ways

Country Ways,
 is my new kit for you .The kit has lots of embellishments as I 
got a bit carried away.The items in this will mix and match other kits as usual
but it will go well with my lazy days and victorian days kits if you havnt already
got them.All items made and sourced be myself.
Thanks are in my TOU I have had permission for all used .If Ive forgot
anyone in TOU let me know and will remove or put thanks. 
The kit includes some lovely papers and delicate flowers .I have done in 
a cap1/2 pack format and also in a png folder you can use anywhere,
and includes:

The link below is for cap1/2 pack format for craft artist

The link below is a PNG file that you can use anywhere.