Saturday, 8 September 2012

Classy Crochet

Classy Crochet
below is the pack file format for cap2.

                                          below is the png file in a zip .

Hi everyone this kit has some nice pieces of crochet done by my granny and victorian ladies,flowers ,trees and a lovely owl(pic is mazzs thanks for that)all painted by myself,have adde various bits to the kit so theres lots to play with.As usual all thanks and permmisions are in my TOU included in the kit.Hope you can find something youd like to use ,the kit is in cap pack file format,and includes ;

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy Xmas Megakit

the link below is for craft artist 1/2 and is in pack file format.


                                   The link below is a png zip file which can be used anywhere.


Happy Xmas Megakit.
                                   Hiya this kit is a thankyou megakit to all that have downloaded so many of my kits in the last few months ,and also a kit fo anyone new to my blog.There are some fab figures a lovely reindeer crew,and allsorts of Xmas goodies for you to play with.The papers are all done with Drawplus5 and photo lab.there is a full alpha lower and capitals,brushes and all thanks and links are in the Tou included in the kit.I hope you can find some bits you would like to use in your cards and pages ,so happy scrapping and below is the list of items in the kit:
                                       Kit includes;      86, Embellishments
                                                                Full alpha ,lower and upper case plus numbers
                                                                 5, Brushes.