Saturday, 23 June 2012



the link below is for Cap 1/2 pack file


                                                  The link below is for a PNG zip which can be used anywhere


Hiya this is my latest offering ; The kit is in cap file format and PNG zip and by clicking the mediafire
link above it will take you to download. This kit is a mix of what I would call punk,grunge
and steam punk and consists of;
                                                      1 TOU with a special thanks to
                                                            ZaZa at scrap and tubes for
                                                              the two tubes which have been altered
                                                              to compliment the kit.
          I hope you enjoy and can find lots of uses for this kit as there are some fab
          bits in it .ENJOY  Jenny.

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Green Green Grass Of Home

The Green Green Grass Of Home

This new kit is mix of greens and lemons,its got some fab frames and figures.I produced this one
with drawplus 5/pspbs and cap.All thanks are in the TOU which is in the kit.the kit is in craft artist
proffessional/platinuim pack format and if you click the mediafire link it should take you to download,
if your kit doesnt go straight in your digkiits ,drag and drop it in your digikit file and it should open next time you go into your programme.
                                   items in the kit are; 85,Embellishments.
                                                                 6,picture frames.
                                                           Have fun and I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mountain Pass

                                                                    Mountain Pass
This kit is made up from pics taken in Canada,there are a series of papers that have been
digitally painted,and matching papers ,the frames mix and match and if anyone wants to print of the paintings,
they will print up to a3 size without loosing detail,and Im quite happy for you to do that.Hope you enjoy this kit as I enjoyed putting it together.The kit is in cap pack file format just download drag into my digikits if it hasnt gone in and will work next time you open your digikits.
thanks for anything used is in my TOU

Friday, 1 June 2012

Roses for You

Roses For You
the link below is for CAP1/2 pack file format.


                                               The link below is a PNG zip file to use anywhere.


Have been  painting some rose drawings and pics of mine ,and thought you might like them
as a kit.It has figures,arch,lots of Roses and some nice frames and papers.All produced by me in
craft artist professional, drawplus and art rage one of the figures and the arch are courtesy of zaza at scrap and tubes and all thanks and TOU are in the kit.The kit is in craft artist proffesional pack file format ,and by clicking the link above it will take you to media fire for download.Hope you enjoy
as I loved doing this kit.
                                           Items in kit;