Friday, 30 March 2012


Glass Kit
The link below is for cap1/2 pack file 


                                               The link below is in a PNG zip which can be used anywhere  


This kit is all my own work from quick shapes and stencils,and
is all done with the glass effects tab.The sea scape is not in the kit but
used it to show the frame off. Tou are not in this as everything has been made
by myself using dts programme thanks for that .
 Hope you enjoy this as it has some nice stash in it.There are     54 Embellishments.
                                           2 layouts
                                          15 papers and 2 frames ,
all with the glass effects.

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Old Door

The Old Door.
The Old Door.
a kit with some nice sprays and leaves to use with your own stash.Everything is made by myself from quick shapes,stencils and a pic I took of a Mahonia bush which I used for
all the papers and embellishments also did a couple of watercolours to add and
have put my original sketch in so if you want to have a go at colouring your
own you can .have forgot to put tou in but its the same as all my other kits
ther are ;      46 embellishments
                    2 frames
                     12 papers
                         1 layout.,its in cap pack file format and by clicking on the link it should take you to download. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Humming Birds and bees

Hummingbirds and Bees.
31 embellishments
9 papers
2 frames
3 layouts
the kit is in cap pack file format.
Hiya a new kit for you to use with your own items,
everything is either made from quick shapes ,
stencils and effects ,plus a couple of items
from scrap and tubes,
Can I thanks ZaZa
for permission to use her items.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spring Showers

Spring Showers is my new kit for march,
it has 55 embellishments.
1 frame
6 papers
and 3 full layouts.
Its mostly made up of childrens animals and has flowers
a house and some nice bits and bobs in it. Hope you enjoy.
The kit is in cap pack file format and the direct link is below.
most of the items are drawn and coloured by me,
 and the papers are mine and there are just
 a couple of free use embellishments that are thanked on my
tou paper in this kit. thanks Jenny.

The link below is for Cap1/2 pack file format.

                                       The link below is a PNG zip file which can be used anywhere.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Dance on the Flowers

Dance on the Flowers there are
3 ladies ,a ballet dancer.
47 embellishments,
3 frames and 8 materials,
and there are 5 layouts.
The figures are free use and have benn coloured by me
and all the flowers are produced by myself,
there are a few embellishments that are free use and
I hope you enjoy .the kit is in Cap pack file and by clicking on the link below
it should take you straight to download.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls.
this kit has all elements made and put together by myself,and has as follows.
2,layouts. 15 papers.53 embellishments and has a full teddy bears alphabet and numbers.
hope you enjoy this kit any problems let me know and will try and help.
The kit is in cap pack file and the link is below just click it and you should go straight
to download.        

Friday, 2 March 2012

Tutti Frutti

THis is a freebie kit if
youd like it,it has lots of single fruits that can be stacked ,some nice flowers
and papers etc.It is in cap pack file and the link is below just click to download

Bits and Bobs

This is my first kit that I did as a freebie for anyone that would like it the link is below,its is in cap pack file and has assorted papers ,flowers and some garden statues.

Puddycats and Posies

 Puddycats and posies.

 THis is my freebie,There are cats and some room scenes to play with some nice papers and full alphas. It is in cap file pack,the link is below which should give you the download.

Bubbly Blues

This is my Freebie Bubbly Blues it has some nice items ,dolls ,teddy,baby doll borders and a
full is in cap pack file and the link is below just click to download.

the one below is png embellishments.

the one below is png materials/frames.

the on below is for craft artist 1/2 in pack file format..

Lemon and Lilac

My Lemon and Lilac freebie  kit is available to download with the link below ,.It is in cap pack file,and has some nice flowers and diamond wellies ,brollies and horses.
link below is for cap1/2 pack file .

Puppy Dogs Tales

Three pages above to give you an idea of what is on my new freebie kit.there are plain figures and dogs ,teddies etc and they are also done to look like chennile so its made the kit a little bigger than normal,dont know when to stop.Just click this link and it should take you to the download site. the kit is in pack file for cap.