Friday, 6 June 2014

Wedding Days and Roses.

 Wedding Days and Roses.
                                                    567 printable pages all                                           drawn  painted by me,so you wil not 
                                                    get these anywhere else.
                                              The cd is on Ebay at £3.99,
                                                  and the item number is      


                                                     just copy and paste into the search
                                      box on Ebay and it will take you to 
                                                     all the details.
                                                              Items include;
                                           106 pages of flowers and embellishments.
                                                   100 pages of rose decuopage
                                                10 ready to use sprays.
                                           25 pages of text and verses.
                                       65 A5 fronts or toppers.
                                               43 pages of inserts.
                                           204 page of original black/white drawings,
                                  for you to colour or could use as Digistamps.
                                           14 inserts with and with out verses fo examples,
                                                or to use.

                                  567 printable pages all done by me so you will
                                        not get anywhere else.
                                 all thanks and tou included in the cd.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

 Lovely Lemons,Quick Card Kit.
                and more.
         £3.99 free postage on Ebay.

Ready to print cards for that quick print off or you can make your own too.Cards and inserts to match ,when your in a rush or need a card or notelet quickly.All matching Lemons/Biege to compliment your own ideas.All thanks are in my TOU.There are lots of items in this kit,so you can also make your own cards and decoupage  too.there are cards ,inserts,plain and with text.Tags ,numbers, toppers,and embellishments all to mix and match in Jpeg format.All done to print as A5 cards but will easily print at any size you prefer .Happy to uk only.if you would like to take a look,
copy item number below and put it in the main search engine on EBAY.


                        and it will take you the kit info.

Friday, 16 May 2014

decoupage flowers and card craft cd

Copy and paste the number here into the search box on Ebay and it will take 

you to my cd.


Decoupage Flowers card craft cd £3.99 postage free.

Decoupage Flowers with backingpapers,inserts,plain and with text.
The delightfull  designs are perfect for making flower themed cards,
notelets or any crafty projects.Most are drawn and painted by me with matching papers etc.
All thanks are in my Terms of use included in the cd.
CD Contents include;well over 300 printable sheets,in Portrait and Landscape A4 Jpegs.                                                                               
Also includes approx 1000 Decoupage flowers and leaves.
Most of the decoupage is done with easy cutting in mind and each page includes an
 Example Spray to work from or use as you wish.
                                             CD Includes;
Card Toppers,                                                             GO TO
Text Sheet.                                                                EBAY FOR
Made by Labels.                                                        DETAILS.
Backing papers.
Inserts plain and also with text and Flowers.
Ready to print off a quick card or notelet.
Card fronts, and more.

The paper crafting design sheets are in JPEG format on A4 portrait and landscape,but
will print off smaller or larger to suit your craft choices.
Please do not copy this CD .
You will receive 1CD ROM in a Plastic Sleeve,with instructions for any new card
and craft folk.
All you need is a printer and computer ,then your away.
I hope you have many hours of  happy crafting.
Post to UK only.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Wedding Days and Roses ,mini kit.

Mini kit for craft artist in cap1/2 pack format ,and also 
in a png kit to use anywhere.
Items include
2, Frames.
3, Wordart.
2, TOU.

The link below is for your Cap1/2 pack for craft artist,
just clink the link below,
and it will take you to download.

the link below is in PNG file zip, just click the link below,
 and it will take you to download.

If you would like the full  Card and craft kit the info is at the top of page ,
just copy and paste the item number below                 
into the Ebay search box 

              eBay item number:                                           121357791855

and it will take you for a,s £2.50 and in Jpeg format.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Tall Story

Tall Story my new kit to play with and
mix and match  with any of my ,or your other kits.
All Are digitally painted by myself including ,
giraffes,wild flowers and some victorian figures.
and backing papers to match.
The kit includes;

3, Frames.
Hope you can use some af the bits ,
and happy scrapping.

The link below is for the craft artist pack file.

The link below is for the PNG file to use anywhere.

Friday, 7 March 2014

One Fine Day

One Fine Day examples

this is a new kit for you and is in nice blues and pinks.
the kit is  in a PNG zip file for use anywhere,
and is also in Craft Artist Pro 1/2 pack file format.
Hope  you can use it with some of your own stash
and items included in the pack file for Cap1/2 are;
14, Materials
10,verse and words
4, Brushes
Colour swatchs to match kit.

the link below is for CAP 1/2 pack file .

The PNG zip file has included ;
10,verses and words

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Colour me Happy

Colour me Happy is my new free oriental kit for you.
It is in shades of blues and greens and there are 
some nice items for your cards or scraps.The kit comes in a 
pack file format for Craft Artist 1/2 pro,and in a PNG file
for use anywhere.the items included are
4, Frames.
3,brushes( only in the cap pack )

the link below is for Craft Artist pro1/2 and si in a pack file format.

The link below is a PNG zip which can be used anywhere.



Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Indian Dreams

Just a few pages done with this kit,
and theres lots more embellishments in the kit.

Indian Dreams is my new kit for you,and it is a large kit
Items included :
links to download are as follows.

the link below is for Craft Artist pro 1/2 pack file.

The link below is a PNG file which can be used anywhere.

Just click on the one you want and you will be taken to download.
 have enjoyed doing this kit .

I got a bit carried away with this kit ,
so it is quite large .Hope you can use some of 
the items in your projects.

Enjoy. download a PNG zip file 
for use anywhere ,or a 
Craft Artist pro Pack file for use 
in Craft Artist 1/2 pro.Info for downloads above.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Violant'e Kit

Violant'e Kit

Violant'e  Kit
The kit below is in capPro 1/2 and is in pack file format.

The kit below is a Zip PNG file which can be used anywhere.

this kit has shades of mauve,purple and green.The kit
includes a mix of bunnies for small or big kids cards
or pages.The kit is in Craft artist pro 1/2 Pack file format,
and also comes in a Zip PNG file which can be used 
Anywhere.Hope you can use some of the bits in your creations 
and happy scrapping.

Items in the kit are as follows
;  78,Embellishments
4, wordart
 35 Swatches

Violant'e Kit examples

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas Comes but Once a Year.

Christmas Comes but Once a Year.

This is my xmas kit for 2013 it will mix and match with last years ,but 
will work on its own too.All thanks for items used are in my TOU.
If I have missed anyone ,sorry let me know and will put it right.
Items included in the kit are;

upper and lower case Alpha.
8,pieces of word art,the little verses 
were penned by my Husband.

the kit below is for Craft Artist pro and is in a Pack file format.

The kit below is in a PNG zip file to be used anywhere.

Hope you can make some nice cards and pages .
Have a ,
Happy Christmas and a Fabulous New Year.
Will be back with some new kits in 2014.